Sveti Vlas: why is this Black Sea resort so popular?

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There are many splendid sea resorts and beautiful places in Bulgaria. However, Sveti Vlas town stands out of the herd. The fashionable resort of the European level with healthful air and azure sea attracts here tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world at all times. What is the secret of this place?

Sveti Vlas stands apart among the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. Clean and well-managed, built-up with luxurious residential complexes, with own quay for yachts, pure beaches, perfect roads and circumspect infrastructure - the town is much like Saint-Tropez or Malibu.

It is just the place on the Bulgarian coast, which attracts well-off Bulgarians and prosperous tourists from other countries. However, notwithstanding abundance of rich clients, the prices in shops, cafes and restaurants are quite democratic. This is an ideal place for family rest: it is quiet, calm and safe here.

The number one advantage of the resort is the pure healthful air. The fact is that Sveti Vlas is situated between the sea and the huge forest growing on the mountain Stara Planina. Sea breeze in combination with oxygenated forest air creates a healthful "cocktail", which is very good for health and makes it possible to cure many diseases.

Furthermore, there is nice climate in Sveti Vlas. Thanks to evening breeze from the mountain the very hot weather is uncommon here. And the winter on the south coast of the Black Sea is soft, comfortable and sunny.

One more advantage of the town is a perfect infrastructure. Everything needed for life is available here – shops, hospitals, state and educational institutions, banks, restaurants and many other things. There are the Russian school and out-patient hospital in Sveti Vlas, as well as a kindergarten in which many Russian-language children study. In other words, as against the most of other resorts, Sveti Vlas assumes the year-round living. The recent years many families from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Byelorussia move here for permanent residence purposes.

The town is advantageously located. The ancient city Nesebr with splendid history and a lot of cultural sites, as well as the resort Solnechny Bereg (Sunny Beach) with its noisy bars and fast and furious discos are nearby. The metropolis Burgas and the international airport are a half of an hour drive.

Sveti Vlas is a perfect place to live and to rest. Visit it just once or better buy real estate here and live enjoying wonderful sea climate, comfort, calm and safe feeling.